Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bahama for Obama

This poster was in the window of a store on Bay Street in Nassau. There are several Obama-related souvenir items in the downtown available for purchase. While I'm pretty happy that there is a lot of excitement over Obama, I do find it strange that another country is producing material like this for an election outside its borders. I guess it reflects the feelings of so many non-Americans in that many of us don't understand why the Republican party ever wins.

Edited to add: check out these shoes!! I saw these at a craft fair in Nassau today. Too much!


Cheasty said...

i'm buying the shoes. :)

Jack said...

Wow, talk about Obama love. :) BTW, are you done writing your blog? It's been a while since you posted anything.

Take care,


Jennoit said...

Jack - thanks for stopping by. I haven't written much lately I guess because I haven't felt I had much to say. I'll rectify that soon :)

kirsten said...

i covet those shoes :)