Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Palin is a pink tricycle

Oh, this is fabulous. As you can surmise, I've been thinking about bicycles a lot lately.

From Go Clipless.


Jill said...

That is awesome. I also love the idea of Biden as a commuter bike. The penny farthing for McCain is a little bit over the top ... I mean, the guy's not that old. Oh wait, yeah he is.

I read up on your election yesterday. Nope, still don't understand. But it sounds like maybe the conservatives didn't get what they wanted? (By the way, you don't need to explain Canadian politics to me. That would be like trying to explain how to play American football to me :-)

Jennoit said...

But Jill, you know I can't resist a short explanation, don't you? I'm a politics nut!

In short, we elect 308 people to our parliament from various parties. If one political party has more than half of those seats (154) they are a majority government. This means they can pass legislation without support (votes) from the other politicians that were elected.

The Conservatives won 143 seats last night. This is more than they had before the election, but not enough to control parliament without the support of other parties. So I would say yes, the conservatives didn't get what they wanted. But then again, neither did any of the other parties.

Cheasty said...

ahhh! i'm blog-surfing while I watch the debate because there is NO WAY i can sit still through this unless i'm half-way distracted. that bike post was the best thing to make me giggle instead of pull my hair out with anxiety. please please PLEASE win Obama!!

Jill said...

Thanks, Jenn. That part makes sense. What confused me is the idea that the prime minister can call for an early election? Seems strange. Why does the Governor General represent the Queen of England? (What about independence?) Does the PM really have the power to dissolve Parliament? What happens to all of those politicians when it's dissolved? So many questions. Like I said, no need to answer. Maybe you can give me a primer next year between laps at the 24 Hours of Light (you are coming, I presume) :-)

Jennoit said...

Jill - look out, you've just given me carte blanche to talk about Canadian politics at the 24 Hours of Light. Sweet! And yes, I fully plan to be there.