Saturday, October 4, 2008

Welcome Back to the City

The 98 Airport Express
Originally uploaded by Jennoit
I'm here. Vancouver. I keep thinking I'll blog about how I am feeling about being here, but it hasn't happened yet. Something about my expression in this photo captures part of how I feel though.

Stunned former Whitehorse resident comes to terms with transit, rain, and the big city. My deer caught in the headlights look is courtesy of a bus ride on the 98 express and the usual Friday night transit combination of drunk university students and an unstable personality yelling at everyone on the bus to "move to the back" and "why are you ignoring me?"


Anthony said...

What on EARTH! When where you going to tell us you had a blog? Or did I miss something...

Jennoit said...

Hi Tony :)

I think Sierra knew. No secret, really, I just figure it's mostly for my own personal therapy and wouldn't interest others that much. I'm no Jill :) It started based (a) on reading Sierra's blog and (b) the fact that I wanted the photos from the bike skills clinic we took in August and I could only blog them from flickr rather than download them. And now - here I am.

You had a blog once - what happened to it?

Cheasty said...

uf, I know that look. you should've seen my face the first few days here in Managua! all i want in this world is a small and quiet city. is that so much to ask for? :)