Thursday, December 4, 2008

Harper stays, but I go!

Well, I didn't get to say farewell to Stephen Harper and his conservative government today. Sigh. That sucks.

But I am going to Whitehorse on Sunday! That rocks! It's for work, but I am still looking forward to seeing friends, enjoying the snow, and wearing my parka. Stay tuned for photos of the north!


Cheasty said...

have fun frolicking in the snow!

Spanish said...

Thanks for checking out the blog.Prescott is probably one of the best kept secrets for running and training. There is an endless network of trails there. I live about an hour away and visit frequently. DO you run? Take care.

Jennoit said...

Spanish - I do run, but slowly. I'd say I jog. I'm a 2 hour half-marathoner, but I enjoy it :)