Friday, August 29, 2008

Peeps for Obama

I woke up this morning to hear that John McCain has apparently selected Sarah Palin as his VP running mate. Interesting and, dare I say it, smart choice, John. If the democrats won't put a woman on the ticket, apparently the republicans will. I wonder what Geraldine Ferraro thinks of all this (since she's the only other woman to have ever been named as a VP candidate).

Of course, the republicans had to do something interesting this morning since Obama accepted the democratic presidential nomination last night and he gave a pretty spectacular speech. I'm not the first one to say it, but man, that guy is something special. If the Americans don't vote for him in November, I'm serious that all hope is lost for that country.

I just love this photo so I'm adding it for colourful content:

LA Peeps for Obama
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Another thought: why is it that there is a group called "Democrats Abroad", but there isn't a "Republicans Abroad?" I think that says so much. If there magically are any republicans abroad who want to enlighten me on this, please, comment.

Ben will get to vote in the last state we lived in (Arizona) and I feel so close to Alaska living here in the Yukon so I'm kind of feeling the election buzz this year. And of yes, speaking of election buzz, looks like we'll get one here in Canada in the coming days. Too funny that our election will begin and end before the US one is over. I guess that's one thing I like about Canadian politics - the elections don't drag on for years. I'm predicting another conservative minority government which will oust Dion as the liberal leader and we'll do it all again in a couple of years. The blandness of Canadian leadership has me hankering after an Obama-like figure for this country. Maybe after November, when he is the US president, we'll see some inspiring leadership this side of the border.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Berry Season

I was in Oregon this weekend for a wedding and I had a great time. While passing through Vancouver, even though the city was sort of weirding me out, I actually felt good for the first time about moving back there. It must have been the sun. But today, when I returned to cold and rainy Whitehorse, the pang of sadness about my departure somehow seemed sharper. In what might be a continuing series, this is post #2 on things I will miss about living in Whitehorse.

I will miss my garden. More accurately, I will miss the garden that Ben planted and cared for. The cool, cloudy summer hasn't done the vegetables any favours, but I still love pulling carrots from the garden and tomatoes from the greenhouse.

However, the rain seems to have been exceptionally good for the Saskatoon berries. Last year we didn't get a single berry from the bushes in the yard. This year, and just this past week or so, LOTS of the beautiful purple berries have come out. They're delicious!
And it seems that not only do I, the human, think these berries are tasty, but so too does my canine companion, Mingus. Last year I watched him snuffle out cranberries when Sierra and I went berry picking, but tonight was over the top. He approaches the bush and strips it of its fruit. If he needs to, he lifts a paw to bat the branch down and then licks it clean. I'm totally not happy with the loss of my fruit, but I'm awfully impressed with the skill and high cute factor of my dog. Observe:

Friday, August 15, 2008

Junk Mail

I received this in my mailbox last week. How I loath the politics of fear and the conservative persepctive on the world. Yup, jail is a great idea for a person who has an addiction. And what's up with the use of the word "junkie" anyhow?!? Is it 1974? Does he think all users are heroin addicts? And the whole "families and children" bit?! Bah!

And what's the deal with this next one (I didn't receive it, but found the series of them posted on Garth Turner's
blog). I love how if you wear a hoodie you're a scary criminal. That's not stereotyping at all. It could only have been better if he ensured the kids in the ad were black. That would break down some fears, eh?

I'm afraid of a majority conservative government, but in some ways I feel like saying "bring it on, Harper - let's put your government out of its misery."

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


So pretty much all of my flickr contacts made one of these today. I decided to be a lemming and jump on board. Whadda ya think? Look like me? Try it yourself.

Saturday, August 9, 2008


For awhile, I pretended that it wasn't happening. But over the last few days I've started to accept that I am moving and I know that in the long run, it will be great. But there are a lot of things I am going to miss about living in Whitehorse. I'm just sayin'.

Exhibit #1:
Great coffee and bikes in the same place.

Exhibit #2: Super easy biking access to views like this.

Stay tuned for more sappy musings from a grrl reluctant to relocate.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Mountain Biking Skills Clinic

Last weekend I attended a bike skills clinic with a group of Whitehorse women. Lots of fun! Check me out learning to ride skinnies and cruising down Boogaloo trail:

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Didn't really think I wanted a blog...

...since I don't have much to say. I think Claire said it best: another blog that only 6 people will ever read. Regardless, I opened this account in order to grab some photos from a bike skills camp I took last weekend (see - another post already). We'll see where this goes.