Sunday, February 8, 2009

From $40 thrift-store bike to Canadian National team

Okay, how cool does Svein Tuft sound?  I'm kind of embarrassed that I had never heard of this Canadian cyclist and all round interesting sounding guy until I read this article about him in the New York Times.  That's right - not the Globe and Mail, the Times. 

"In 2003, he showed up for the Prime Alliance pro team’s training camp near Los Angeles. He had ridden there from Canada.

He had this really long beard, and he smelled very bad,” said Vaughters, who was in his last season as a rider. “I remember thinking, O.K., this guy is completely different than the image of the typical European money-driven cyclist who buys Porsches in his spare time.”."

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Meandering Michael said...

Hi! Thanks for your comment and thanks for the link to this article. Very cool!