Thursday, February 5, 2009

Let the Sun Shine In

Minimal bloggage lately. Why? Minimal life excitement or minimal introspection, I suppose.

But in the last couple of weeks, spring has started to peek around the corner here in Vancouver and that has been something to get excited about. Last week we made the trek out to my fave mountain (Baker) for a mid-week ski day. The snow was actually pretty poor, but the sunshine was top-notch!

Snowdrops have punched through our un-tended flower beds in the front yard (and yes, those are fall leaves that we just didn't get around to doing anything with).

And when I wore my lobster mitts on a bike ride yesterday, my hands were too hot!

I know that come May, when spring does not seem to want to make way for summer, I will be frustrated by temperatures in the teens, but right now a little bit of sunshine and double digit degrees are making me feel much better about life.

Happy in the sun! That's a t-shirt in February!

1 comment:

Cheasty said...

um, jennoit, you is CRAZY, girl. when there is snow ont he ground, that is a clear indication of not-spring. and a t-shirt? are you trying to die of hypothermia? there is SNOW on the ground! i can't even wrap my head around this idea...