Friday, May 29, 2009

New Days 1 and 2

Rode Sierra's cruiser bike to work. Watched an incredibly beautiful, healthy coyote run across the Robert Campbell Bridge. Waited for the sun to set at 11pm. Still waiting at midnight for it to be properly dark out. Went to sleep anyhow. Froze to death wearing sandals in May. Learned to drive a diesel mining engine. Made hosts light a fire in the woodstove as today's high was only 7C. Visited friends. Hugged people. Slept well. Feel like I am home.


Meandering Michael said...

[insert "thumbs up" emoticon here]

Jill said...

So exciting that you're back "home!" Hope to see you when I come through on my way back up. Maybe mid-July? God, I miss the north.

And I guess I should say it now because I sadly won't be there, but good luck in the 24 Hours of Light!