Monday, August 24, 2009


It's been cool and rainy for much of the last week and although I actually managed a couple of good weekend physical activities (a nice mountain bike ride with friends on Saturday morning and a long run in preparation for the KRR on Sunday) we actually did a lot of house cleaning up over the last couple of days as well. This is good in that our house is starting to look a little bit less like a construction zone, but it's bad because working on the house sends me into a tizzy about the fabulous things I could do to it if I had a million dollars. Okay, maybe not that much, but how few thousand or so for some gorgeous andirons?

Check out these drool-worthy pieces:

A mere $10-$15,000 expected at auction for these ca. 1930s Russel Wright fire deer andirons.

That then makes these next two, at $1000 and $1400 respectively, seem like a steal. For the record, found them at this awesome website.

So for closer to $100, maybe we'll end up with these:

Still a great idea, it's just that after seeing the others....I need to find a new job or a new life or a lucky lottery ticket.

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Joolee said...

It never occurred to me before that people actually buy these, or that they even had a name!