Friday, October 30, 2009


09:20 sunrise
18:07 sunset

I cannot tell you how excited I was when a friend posted, on facebook this week, that she had come across "about 60 Danish Lamp-shades still in the know, the kind you find in IKEA but of better quality.... anyone? anyone?" The circumstances are not ideal, she is helping her mom move out of and sell their family home, but the stuff she has been coming across - FANTASTIC! I am hoping to install a few of these gems soon.


Maven said...

Somewhere, a mid-century design freak's head just exploded. What an amazing find.

Leproust Vintage said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and for your well wishes!

I love all of those lampshades!

flowerpistol said...

Does she still have any? I found your blog after searching for IKEA lights on Flickr. What a great find!

Jennoit said...

flowerpistol: I believe that she sold the majorityof them to a mid-century furniture store in Vancouver, so none left.