Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Structural Integrity?

09:57 sunrise
15:49 sunset

Le sigh. Does this look like it was done by your friendly neighbourhood construction expert...or joe schmo? The more we pull this house apart the more I think we maybe should have left it as it was. We are waiting for permits to go ahead with the wall removal and other renos, but we're worried that the city will want to get an engineer involved to sign off. I don't see any sign of this being done before the new year.


kirsten said...

yikes, better call Mike Holmes! Did you get a home inspection? on the bright side, maybe you can be on TV :)

narly said...

Narly's guide to DIY:

1) Pick up phone
2) Call up dude who does that sort of thing
3) Pay him
4) Drink wine
5) Marvel at own DIY skills when Rachel comes home

Jennoit said...

Hey Kirsten, yeah, we did get an inspection, but no one removed any drywall. It looks like thing will be okay (that the solution we had planned will pass the engineer's okay) but it's still exhausting.

Narly - yeah, I like your approach, but these people who do these things are harder to find in Whitehorse than you might imagine.