Friday, January 1, 2010

End of BadMoFoBloPoMo

10:10 sunrise
15:58 sunset

Happy new year! Yes, I know I missed my last day for blogging every day in December. I kind of knew I would and I decided that I wouldn't be bothered by it and that I could do a recap today instead. Besides, I've learned that my writing doesn't get any more interesting just because I do it more often. I'll be sticking to the occasional random post related to life in the north, politics, and my house reno from now on.

As for 2009... I can't say it was an awesome year, but I am happier now than I was at the end of 2008. I just feel more at peace, more at 'home' and I know that much of that is due to where we are living - back in Whitehorse. No place is perfect, but for me, for now, Whitehorse comes close.

The amazing cyclist and way cool blogger
Jill Homer ends her blog each year with her 12 favourite photos, one from each month. I liked the idea, but wasn't feeling inspired by too many of my photographs. However, I've decided to post my favourite Yukon light images from each of the three seasons I was here in 2009. I live in an amazingly beautiful corner of the globe and for that I am truly grateful.




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joolee said...

Beautiful! Interesting too how they all have similar composition.