Sunday, February 7, 2010

30km, 5 hours

9:03 sunrise
17:26 sunset

Dear Mt McIntyre,

Fine. So you won today. That pretty little ascent trail sketched out on green on the xc ski club map looks like it might be fun - an adventure even. And granted - not your fault - Julie said the ascent wasn't that bad. And the sun was shining and it was super warm for February. But even with those things in your favour, you still kicked my ass. I am not impressed. But be forewarned: I will be back in the summer and I will be bringing my bicycle.

At least I can thank you for contributing to the deep sleep into which I will soon be falling.




kirsten said...

ouch. was there at least a picnic involved?

joolee said...

Yep, my fault. Not sorry. :)

Jill said...

Take Sierra's Pugsley and conquer the mountain winter style! Anthony and I did that on Dec. 24 and it was much fun, despite the fact it was minus 15 C with a quartering headwind.