Tuesday, February 16, 2010


8:39 sunrise
17:50 sunset

Ah ha! I think this is what's happening to me. The
Sap-O-Meter explains it all. In terms of Alex Bilodeau and his brother and their story at the Olympics (seriously, read this article) I cry. Easily. If you don't know, Alex Bilodeau's brother has CP. To quote the Olympian: "It puts everything back into perspective. I’ve got that chance to train, and maybe one day will be an Olympic champion, and I’ll take it. Even if it’s raining, I’ll take it. I’ll go train. He doesn’t even have that chance, and he has a smile. Every morning he wakes up, and he’s got all the right to complain, and he never complains.…We can learn from those people.

(photo is from 2006, technorati.com)

So yeah, you've got me NBC. I'm mot definitely a sap.


Victoria Allman said...

I have nominated you for a blogger award that you may find fun. For more details, go to www.victoriaallman.blogspot.com
Have fun with it!

kirsten said...

OMG, I cried so hard when I saw his brother at the bottom of the hill, probably even more happy for Alex than he was! In fact, I still cry a little when I think of it :P