Sunday, March 14, 2010


8:21 sunrise
19:58 sunset
* Swtiched to Daylight Saving Time

Today we spent some time worshipping at the church of Jenn and Ben (Canadian Tire). In the past we have also worshipped at the church of Grey Mountain and the church of Hugh and Wendy's house, but today the hardware store won out.

We have been making great progress on the house lately. The floors were finished on Thursday - YAHOO - and they are gorgeous. Now we need to paint, tile the fireplace, trim, many things to the kitchen. But for now - I am happy with this most excellent progress on the downstairs bathroom:

Yup, those are shiny red walls. Ben's idea. I was against, it, but am happy to report that I have been won over. We still need to do one final coat, but then we can put up the mirror, our wall art and call it another finished room!

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Norma said...

We have one dard red (with faux glaze) bathroom. Originally, the family room, downstairs hall and stairway, and the ceilings were also red. We painted it all out in sort of a warm beige except we left the bathroom red so we could show people how the decorators who used to live here lived.