Monday, April 26, 2010

Zinc Overdose

6:09 sunrise
21:47 sunset

Who knew that zinc lozenges have a maximum dosage of 3 daily?! Seriously. I was eating these things like candy this weekend. Since I went to the Bahamas I have had a persistent, sore throat and I started snacking on these pastilles in an attempt to make it feel better. Last night I thought "maybe I should check if there's a recommended dosage" and lo and behold - with each lozenge containing 15mg of zinc, 60mg of vitamin C and 50mg of echinacea - I was only supposed to consume 3 of these/day. I think I ate somewhere between 6 and 10 of these yesterday alone.

So I went to bed last night in a fit of paranoia that I was going to die of zinc poisoning (I even made Ben get up out of bed and do some interwebs research on my behalf) combined with self-doubt related to this whole transrockies thing. And now it's Monday. Awesome. Good news: I'm not dead yet.


Meandering Michael said...

They've got some fantastic licorice teas down at the Riverside Grocery. One of those might help. (I've got some here if you want to try it - you've probably figured out where my place is, right?)

Jennoit said...

Actually, I am *not* 100% sure which house is yours, Michael! But I think you are on Sunset? And thanks for the tea suggestion.

Meandering Michael said...

Here's a big clue.