Sunday, June 13, 2010

Thrift Goodness

4:29 sunrise
23:22 sunset

My closet just got a wee bit cooler this week. Although I look slightly stunned in the below photo, I am actually tickled to bits to be holding a package from Minnesota that contains personally shopped secondhand goodies.

This pile doesn't even include the awesomest parrot dress ever. But it gives you an idea of what I might be wearing to work over the next few days. My fave detail? That brown and white floral button down on which is printed, on the inside hem, "Klopman Mills Div. Burlington Industry Inc 1972." How cool to be able to date my clothes like that!


Maven said...

I give this entry a facebook style thumbs up.

Jennoit said...

I should mention that ALL of the dresses fit, too - well done!