Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Stronger Socialism is, the Stronger the Peace

5:10 sunrise
23:04 sunset
Wow. I've never been to Germany even though my mom's side of the family ist Deutsch and I have travelled to Europe several times. It's hard to even remember that for most of my life (well, my first 17 years anyway) there was an East Germany. These photos, taken by Siegfried Wittenburg in the 1980s show a side of Germany that seems almost impossible now.


স প্ত র্ষি said...

Though I'm not quite sure what really you meant to say here but the photographs are really great..Thank you

Jennoit said...

I guess all I am saying is that East Germany was a reality for much of my life and yet these photos - taken while I was a teenager - seem to be from a much, much more distant past.