Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cycling does not improve my running

6:33 sunrise
21:32 sunset

Went for a run tonight with my bike-wife and my husband. The Klondike Road Relay is in a mere 18 days and I have run a grand total of 2 (well, 3 after today) times this summer. I was reminded, as we trudged up the Miles Canyon hills, that I don't actually like to run nearly as much as I like to bike. I was also reminded that while my heart seemed to be in reasonable shape, my running muscles were not. Why doesn't riding a bike translate into making running easier?!? My hip flexors are killing me.
I always say that the KRR is great fun, but I am not sure how well I will be faring this year. But whatever, at least I chose the shortest leg this year (#2). Unfortunately, short means entirely uphill. It's going to be 9km of fun and games over the Skagway summit, folks.

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winger said...

Gosh... your hip flexors are impressive!