Saturday, November 6, 2010

Final Stages of House Renos

9:38 sunrise
17:50 sunset

We're still working on the house. It's looking pretty good these days - radiators are in (and so we have heat on the main floor - kinda important in November in the Yukon) and Ben has successfully tiled the bench part of the fireplace. We also bought a chaise sort of couch at IKEA when we were in Edmonton so the living room is almost completely furnished. I'm still waiting for everything on the main floor to be complete before I post final before and after shots, but here's a sneak preview. You can see the new rads on the wall, the lovely grey and orange paint, the super good hardwood floor, and the part of the fireplace that Ben has completed. Oh - and a little bit of the chaise part of the couch - right in front of the fireplace for toasty tootsies!

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nicole said...

Looks awseome Jenn! I love your mid-century modern style. Looking forward to the reveal:)