Monday, December 13, 2010

#13 out of 31 Dresses

10:02 sunrise
15:47 sunset

Sun just came up. I'm at home because I had an appointment at the hospital for a CT scan this morning. Have you ever had one? They injected me with some sort of liquid that apparently provides the tech with the ability to see things on the scan better. I could feel it whoosh through me (through my veins I guess) which was pretty weird. Anyhow, it's over.

-20C when this photo was taken. I'm not wearing shoes because I rubbed enormous blisters on my heels when xc skiing on Saturday and I can't put my feet into anything but slippers at the moment.
Skirt - Swapped
Dress - Thrifted and gifted to me
Vest - Thrifted
Hat - Yukon College bookstore (Delux)

1 comment:

madam0wl, a.k.a Sandra said...

I've not had a CT scan and that whoosh feeling sounds yucky. Here's hoping whatever you were scanned for is benign.

I like the contrast between the vest and dress.