Thursday, April 29, 2010

Speed Bikin'

6:00 sunrise
21:55 sunset

I rode my speed bike out to Carcross Corner and back tonight. I’m calling it a speed bike because my friend Claire reminded me that’s what we used to call bicycles with gears when we were kids.It sounds more like “me” than road bike does, which somehow sounds all serious. Anyhow, it was good. It was just what I needed: some time to be alone in my head and to think about things like cadence and running my feet in circles rather than mashing the pedals all the time. I feel just the right amount of tired and my sit bones are a little bit sore, but all in all it was a good ride and I feel happy about bicycles again. Which is kinda the point.

I took this at the cutoff – 8 minutes of break time in which to drink some water, nosh on a Cliff snack and take a few photos J

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kitchen Lighting

6:06 sunrise
21:50 sunset

Eeeeeiiiiiiii!! Our most fabulous lampshade for the kitchen arrived from Schoolhouse Electric today.

No, it hasn't been installed yet, but will be soon. And yes, then I will take photos of more than a box.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Zinc Overdose

6:09 sunrise
21:47 sunset

Who knew that zinc lozenges have a maximum dosage of 3 daily?! Seriously. I was eating these things like candy this weekend. Since I went to the Bahamas I have had a persistent, sore throat and I started snacking on these pastilles in an attempt to make it feel better. Last night I thought "maybe I should check if there's a recommended dosage" and lo and behold - with each lozenge containing 15mg of zinc, 60mg of vitamin C and 50mg of echinacea - I was only supposed to consume 3 of these/day. I think I ate somewhere between 6 and 10 of these yesterday alone.

So I went to bed last night in a fit of paranoia that I was going to die of zinc poisoning (I even made Ben get up out of bed and do some interwebs research on my behalf) combined with self-doubt related to this whole transrockies thing. And now it's Monday. Awesome. Good news: I'm not dead yet.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

16 weeks

6:12 sunrise
21:45 sunset

I think I just finished what will have to be considered my first week of training (I shudder at that word, but it is what it is) for TransRockies. For what it's worth, I will occasionally note what my week looked like, "training" wise. I didn't keep super accurate track this week, but I am more likely to do so as the weeks pass. I'm doing this partially to keep me honest and motivated and partly in hope of seeing some improvement and therefore confidence going into this thing. I am certainly feeling humbled today - after a long, but fun mountain bike ride yesterday and then a hellish and quite honestly unpleasant ride on the road today.....I am tired....and I haven't really done much yet. I know I have to be patient and just keep building time on the bike, but I'm nervous about what I've signed up for.

Counting down to the August 8 start and including this past week, we have 16 weeks to go.

Date: April 19-25
Distance: ~25km dirt/mtn bike; ~50km road bike; 5km running
Time: in the neighbourhood of 6.5 hours (incl'd 35 minutes to the upper parking lot on Grey Mtn)

Okay, those are the boring bits. Here's the fun part:

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My grandmother used to drink old fashionds

6:26 sunrise
21:32 sunset

I've been thinking about having a birthday party this year. And oh man, how awesome are these cocktails for boys and girls? It's from Esquire's 1949 edition of their Handbook for Hosts. Love!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

NYT's Photography Blog

6:41 sunrise
21:21 sunset

This is pretty cool.

The idea is that on Sunday May 2, at 15:00h UTC (translates to 8:00h Yukon time, I believe) you take one photograph to be part of a global mosaic and send that image to the New York Times. They will then create, with all the submitted images, a web-based image of one moment in time across the world.

Here are the general topics:

Nature and the Environment
Arts and Entertainment
Money and the Economy
Social Issues

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Mountain Bike Adventure

6:45 sunrise
21:16 sunset

I'm a little freaked out at the moment, but in a good way. Sierra and I signed up for TransRockies last night! Way back in the fall, Jill tried to suggest that we should do this race. I laughed. I basically said no way in hell would I ever do something that crazy.

Then I thought about it. For about 6 months. And I changed my mind.

I've never really done something like this, but I wanted a challenge for this summer. I've investigated the routes, the elevation gain and the feedback from past participants. I think we can do it. I mean, I am nervous...and I know it will take a lot of time on my bike to be able to complete the 7 days, but I'm up for it. And I know Sierra is too. There isn't anyone else I would rather do this with. She's already an endurance star (hello - Ironman?!) and we both share a penchant for commiting to things, sticking to training plans, and (hopefully) having fun while playing outside.

I am trusting the event's website which promises an "accessible, challenging, rewarding epic adventure." I've already heard a bit of naysaying about our ability to complete this, but Sierra just sees that as extra motivation. I know it won't be easy and I have quite a few things to learn, but I am looking forward to what I hope will be a beautiful journey through the Rockies.

At present, here are my goals: (1) complete each stage (2) complete each stage in the official time permitted.

So, stay tuned. This blog may become a little more bike focused over the next 17 weeks!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Nassau round 2

7:06 sunrise
20:59 sunset

23.5 hours to get home, door to door Nassau to Whitehorse. Yeah, that sucked.

But overall the trip was great. I hadn't seen my sister or my nephew since October 2008 (the last time I was in the Bahamas). My mom was down there too, so it was a family reunion of sorts. That said, I now have empirical evidence that it's somewhere around 48 hours that we reach the family saturation point. Don't get me wrong - things are fine and it was great to see everyone, but we don't really work well together in contained environments for prolonged periods of time.

But some highlights:

Playing with the underwater camera - fun.

Hanging out with my mom and my sister. Meeting my sister's boyfriend (who took both of the below photos).

Swimming in the cerulean Caribbean ocean. Oh man, that water is the most beautiful in the world!
Playing with my nephew at the beach. He's 6 now and insanely physically robust and active. The waves were kind of strong, but he liked playing in the surf and we ran and swam together. Fun.

Exploring Nassau. Had grits with my breakfast and thought of Erin. Sorry to say....these were gross.
Watching my mom play with her grandson. This is a blurry photo but I love it - they are doing cannonball jumps into the pool.

And then there was the trip home. I mean, I knew it would be a long just sucked more than I thought it would. I flew Nassau to Miami (short flight - pretty views); Miami to Toronto; Toronto to Vancouver; Vancouver to Whitehorse.
And this is what happened once I got to Toronto: no bags for me. Le sigh.

When I finally fell into bed at 2:30am Whitehorse time (5:30am Nassau time) I was done, stick a fork in me, totally overdone.