Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Polar Parka

9:39 sunrise
15:59 sunset

Just a quick peek since I didn't get out in the sunlight today (we are only 4 weeks away from the longest night) but check out this AMAZING parka that I have just added to my collection. I now own three - one Yukon Parka and two made in Yellowknife. This one is super awesome because (a) it fits me really well and (b) it has a matching cape! Yes I'm serious - a cape!

I promise better photos soon :)

Edited on Dec 1 to add: See photo on flickr

Monday, November 29, 2010

Annual Pond Hockey Tournament

9:37 sunrise
16:01 sunset

Oh my gawd pond hockey so much fun!!! That's me in the hawt blue spandex.

I continue to be a lousy skater and a useless puck-handler but I love this annual event (now in its 6th year, my 3rd year playing). We lost 3 straight games in the round robin which gave us enough time to take our 80s ski bunny selves back home to nap and prepare for the after-party.

Can I just say that I should have invested in a crimper in 1986?! And Margi did my makeup which was waaaaay cooler than I could have made myself up as a teenager.
Unfortunately I devolved into a wine-soaked party-goer at M&J's place where I danced to Bonnie Tyler and Salt N' Pepa until close to 2:30am. Do you have ANY idea how much pain I was in after busting out the Push It dance moves?! Ouch. But a lot, a lot of fun.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's been a long couple of weeks

9:23 sunrise
16:11 sunset

If I ever get the idea in my silly little head again that I want to teach to make some extra money - DO NOT LET ME DO IT! Prep and presentation for these measly 4 little classes has been hell and I will not be sorry to see the end of this week let me tell you.

That is all. Perhaps I will have something more interesting to say after the weekend and the Annual Pond Hockey Tournament in which I will wear an 80s ski bunny outfit and a mustache while I play on a team with 5 other fabulous women. Let's hope.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


9:18 sunrise
16:15 sunset

Spent last night at a friend's cabin in Tagish. This morning, sunrise on the lake was be-oo-ti-ful!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


9:08 sunrise
16:23 sunset

Seriously - could this be any cooler?

The Oxford English Dictionary has launched a campaign to save forgotten words from obsolescence. You interact with the site by moving your mouse over the collage of words (they will call out at you to pick them). You can do your part by adopting a word to bring it back into regular use. I just made jobler my own.

Go here to play or to adopt a word.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


9:05 sunrise
16:25 sunset

I'm cranky.

We didn't take into account the width of the brackets for the shelving units we bought for the upstairs bedroom. This means that the shelves are too wide for the room.

I probably can't spin tonight because I don't have a trainer and my road bike is still under repair. I tried to buy a trainer but my LBS is out of the cheap ones so I have to wait a bit.

I still need to get a costume together for the pond hockey tournament in 2 weekends. We're trying for 80s ski bunny (ie: stay warm but still look goofy). The Sally Ann here is woefully inadequate and I miss real city thrift stores.

I had to take time off work today so that I can do prep work on the courses I am teaching at the college this week and next week.

And it's snowing and getting cold out (-10C this morning). Oh wait - I kind of like this one so it isn't really crank-inducing this time. I might reneg on this one though.

How's your day going?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Final Stages of House Renos

9:38 sunrise
17:50 sunset

We're still working on the house. It's looking pretty good these days - radiators are in (and so we have heat on the main floor - kinda important in November in the Yukon) and Ben has successfully tiled the bench part of the fireplace. We also bought a chaise sort of couch at IKEA when we were in Edmonton so the living room is almost completely furnished. I'm still waiting for everything on the main floor to be complete before I post final before and after shots, but here's a sneak preview. You can see the new rads on the wall, the lovely grey and orange paint, the super good hardwood floor, and the part of the fireplace that Ben has completed. Oh - and a little bit of the chaise part of the couch - right in front of the fireplace for toasty tootsies!