Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in Review

I wasn't feeling particularly nostalgic about 2010 until Sierra started talking to me last night about new years, new beginnings and celebrating what lies ahead. All day today I have been going over what the past 365 days have been like for me and I have to say - pretty damn good. I have really had a fantastic year in 2010.

I tried out a few new things: alpine ski patrol at Mt Sima and teaching at the college. The former was a greater success than the latter but hey - you never know what you'll be good at unless you try, right?
This year was full of some great vacations too. They weren't necessarily all that adventurous, but they were relaxing and a lot of fun. Ben and I went to Hawaii in January, my mom and I travelled to Nassau in April and a gaggle of girlfriends went on bikecation to Colorado and Utah in October. Pretty good stuff.
Our house has moved from being primarily a construction zone to a primary residence this year too. Sure, the kitchen still looks like crap and there are lots of little things to do, but our living space is wonderful and just being home feels fantastic.
I suppose 2010 will be remembered as the year of my bike. I not only got a new, amazing ride (aka Bea) but I also spent many, many hours cruising the trails around Whitehorse with friends. Even with all of the training Sierra and I did for TransRockies I didn't get sick of mountain biking.
And yeah, then there was TransRockies. For better or worse it was a crazy experience and one that I certainly am not soon to forget. Forgetting is just for the bad bits :)
I feel too that cycling has brought me together with just an amazing group of women this year and while I am not exactly sure how it happened I am sure glad that it did. Our twice weekly spinning sessions have become a sort of therapy and I feel so lucky to know these women. They have rounded out my life here in Whitehorse (and they help keep me fit!).
And I suppose I really shouldn't overlook my work life this year. I am now a permanent government employee with a lifestyle and position that surely hearkens back to the 1970s (ie: good benefits, secure, good pay, etc). I have a great boss, good colleagues and I work doing something that I genuinely enjoy. Pretty lucky.

And looking ahead to next year, how can things not look promising? My life right now seems to have settled into a happy state with good friends, a great spouse and lots of riches (employment, my house, travel and things to do). In the next week I will have a new nephew (although that brings with it some angst as my sister and I aren't exactly on speaking terms at the moment) and I will probably spend much of the year contemplating, on and off, whether Ben and I too should try to have kids (correction: a kid). But these "issues" are pretty minor in the grand scheme of things. So I will perhaps spend the first few days of this new year thinking about what I want to challenge myself with, what I want to learn in 2011. Ben turns 40 in January (!) which is surely another life landmark that causes one to stop and take account of how life is going. We are celebrating by going to Tokyo for a week with friends, one of whom is also turning 40 next month. Can't wait. What a great way to kick off a new year!

#31 out of 31 Dresses

10:10 sunrise
15:57 sunset

Phew. I made it. December 31st and 31 dresses (well, some skirts) worn. No big plans for the eve of the new year here and in fact, I'll probably end up with a wool shirt over this dress in a few hours. But no matter. Dressember was a fun exercise to see if I could do it and I like the documentary aspect of it for sure (give me a break - I'm an archivist after all).

Shoes - Clark's
Dress - Angry Sheep Designs (she paints secondhand clothes - this has a pigeon at the hem)
Pashmina - Bought for wedding in 2003

Thursday, December 30, 2010

#30 out of 31 Dresses

10:10 sunrise
15:56 sunset

We're going snow biking tonight since it has warmed up to -15C. I'm borrowing a friend's bike today, but I may have my very own (well, a share of) Salsa Mukluk by the end of January. Stay tuned.

Shoes- Value Village
Long dress - Le Chateau and has to be from the late 1990s when I still lived in Toronto
Short dress - Ann Taylor
Wool Cardi - Gifted

And you can't really see all the long underwear beneath this dress which is kinda nice for once.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

#29 out of 31 Dresses

10:11 sunrise
15:54 sunset

Back to work. I did not want to get out of bed this morning. Cold weather continues and the inaccuracies on Environment Canada have become a bit of a joke. -30C this morning but up to -24C at lunch. They are predicting 0C in 2 days - wtf?!? I will believe it when I see it. Until then, I am turning to Alaska for my weather forecasts.

Boots - Hush Puppies
Dress - Ann Taylor
Arm Warmers - Smart Wool. Primarily used when cycling but hey - they work here too! They have super cute stripes on them (look!)
Pashmina - Same one from a couple of days ago. Bought for my wedding in 2003 and I had forgotten how cozy and warm it is. Plan to wear it all the time now.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

#28 out of 31 Dresses

10:11 sunrise
15:53 sunset

Yes, I am wearing a wool tshirt, a wool sweater, a wool dress AND a wool cardigan. I am going on strike against the -30C that we again have today (even though the schmucks at Environment Canada predicted a -17C day only yesterday). I do not care that I look like a stuffed sausage.

Boots - Snow boots from the Sally Ann
Long underwear - Elita
Wool Dress - Etsy
Cardigan - Swapped
Sweater (visible only at the neck and in my girth) - Value Village

Monday, December 27, 2010

#27 out of 31 Dresses

10:11 sunrise
15:52 sunset

Brrr - another cold one today. I am really ready for a little break in the weather here. I suppose I'll get a bit of a 'holiday' tonight as we are headed to a Mexican fiesta. Some friends were supposed to be in Mexico right now enjoying the sunshine, heat and great food. However, they booked on Mexicana which went bankrupt in August. As went the airline, so too did their vacation. So instead of +30C there our friends are celebrating in -30C here with a hot tub, hot food and an overheated house. Should be good.

I was going to try and wear a summery dress to the event, but I needed to bundle up to get through the day.

Shoes - 9 West
Long undies - Elita
Skape (part skirt, part cape) - Smoking Lily
Dress - H&M, Swapped
Pashmina - Bought for my wedding in 2003 but can't remember where I got it

Sunday, December 26, 2010

#26 out of 31 Dresses

10:11 sunrise
15:51 sunset

For the 10 minutes that I wasn't wearing either pajamas or ski pants today, I tossed on this dress/long underwear combo. The weather has been consistently cold for the last 3 weeks. I don't think we've been warmer than -20C since the beginning of December. So yeah, these outdoor shots are cold.
Boots - Hush Puppies
Long underwear - Polypro Elita on the bottom, Icebreaker wool on top
Dress - Swapped

Saturday, December 25, 2010

#25 out of 31 Dresses

10:11 sunrise
15:50 sunset

Blergh. Hungover. I hate when I imbibe too much and I feel like I've been hungover too many times the last couple of months. It may be time for a restricted intake regime for a bit. I spent much (all?) of the morning lying in bed feeling sorry for myself but when I finally crawled out I did manage to throw on a dress.

Boots - Ye Olde Hush Puppies
Long underwear - Polypro Elita on the bottom, Icebreaker merino on top
Cardi - RW & Co.
Dress - Banana Republic
Hat - Patagonia (kids, I think)

It was a beautiful, clear and sunny day though. Ben and I took Mingus for a stroll in the woods. I love the photo where it looks as if he is saying to us "I'm a desert dog, dammit - why do you make me go outside?!"

Isn't the light gorgeous? We've had a pretty cloud-covered December, which stinks, and even though it gets colder when the skies clear out I love the winter sunshine and pretty pink alpenglow.
All in all I'd say it has been a lovely day. And the best part - I don't have to go back to work until the 29th!

Friday, December 24, 2010

#24 out of 31 Dresses

10:11 sunrise
15:50 sunset

This beauty arrived today from my favourite Etsy seller, Small Earth Vintage. I am bummed that I didn't manage to get a photo in natural light. When I wear it next I'll take a halfway decent wardrobe remix photo. I'm including a photo from the etsy listing just so you can see the dress a bit better.

I'm wearing it over jeans for a couple of reasons: (1) Because I'm often cold at Sierra and Tony's place and (2) Because I honestly couldn't decide what colour tights or what shoes I'd wear with it. On the second point - input please!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

#23 out of 31 Dresses

10:10 sunrise
15:49 sunset

Yes, that's a dress under there. It's just a summery tank-top sort of dress so it needed to be covered in two layers of wool to make it Dressember capable. I didn't realise it was so wrinkly until I took this photograph. Oops...

Boots - Blundstones
Jeans - American Eagle
Dress - Patagonia
Cardigan - Thrifted and gifted to me
Vest - From my favourite Etsy seller Small Earth Vintage. Look at the radishes!

Tonight I helped Sierra prepare for tomorrow's Norwegian Christmas dinner. I love being part of her Christmas ritual even if it does mean I have to eat lutefisk. Mingus came over tonight too and he was really, really hopeful that some of the ribs were going to fall off the table into his waiting mouth.

Sorry Ming. Better luck next year!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

#22 out of 31 Dresses

10:10 sunrise
15:48 sunset

Today is, to me, classic winter Jenn. Pile of whole crap load of layers on and then cover them with a sweater dress - et voila! Winter wardrobe! My hair is killing me these days. I'm desperate for dye and a cut but I have to wait until January. Patience is not my strong suit.
Boots - Don't you recognize these Hush Puppies yet?
Leggings - Reitman's
Thermal long-sleeved - Elita
Dress - Purchased in Whitehorse (Papillion)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

#21 out of 31 Dresses

10:10 sunrise
15:48 sunset

The shortest day of the year is finally here. Today we experience 5 hours and 39 minutes of daylight. Going forward we will get just a little bit more light each day until the time that I will complain that I can't sleep because it's too bright outside my bedroom window at 11pm.

Do I have my eyes closed? Yes. Is there snow on my left arm from setting the camera up? Yes. This photo was still the best of the bunch today.

Boots - Nine West. Indoor only.
Skirt - Ann Taylor
Tunic - Plum, Vancouver (Vero Moda)
Cardigan - Eddie Bauer
Knit flower pin - Etsy

Monday, December 20, 2010

#20 out of 31 Dresses

10:09 sunrise
15:47 sunset

The solstice is just about here and the days are not getting any warmer. It was -36C when I left for work this morning (-33F) which is fully in the "not very pleasant" range of both the Celsius and the Fahrenheit scale. Hence: an indoor photo. We are off to see the Longest Night performance at the Arts Centre later tonight. I thought about dressing up for it but it's hard to be fancy and warm at the same time.

Boots - Hush Puppies
Socks - Smart Wool
Tights - Superstore
Dress - Etsy (totally cozy wool knit)
Shirt - Target

Sunday, December 19, 2010

#19 out of 31 Dresses

10:08 sunrise
15:47 sunset

It's been cold all weekend. I suppose this should not be surprising given that it's December but still. I'm wearing hats in most of these outdoor photos because, to be honest, I need a little something to keep me warm when standing out here at -30C.
Boots - Hush Puppies
Long underwear - MEC
Striped Dress - Thrifted, Value Village
Jean Dress - Thrifted and gifted to me
Belt - Purchased in a store in Thornbury, ON
Frog Hat - Granville Island, Vancouver (but these animal hats are are sold all over the place)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

#18 out of 31 Dresses

10:07 sunrise
15:47 sunset

Today I almost didn't wear a dress. It is still cold out, it's the weekend and I had no plans really to be outside. But, some friends from Vancouver came up for the weekend and I tossed this on to walk down to the airport to pick them up (well, with a jacket added). I actually kinda like it and may repeat.
Boots - Hush Puppies
Dress - Thrifted in Vancouver (Value Village)
Sweater - Awesome old ski sweater purchased on etsy
Hat - Mountain Equipment Co-op

After dinner we then went out and cut ourselves a Christmas tree. It's the first time we've ever done that and it's the first tree we've had in years (maybe since Prescott, AZ in 2004?).

Don't Wendy and Ben look proud? (Or maybe just cold...)

Friday, December 17, 2010

#17 out of 31 Dresses

10:06 sunrise
15:47 sunset

By the way, this is what (almost) sunrise looks like. Took this on my way over to the college bookstore to grab a coffee this morning at 9:35am. Kinda pretty, no?

And since it was -30C today, I most definitely did not take an outside photo for Dressember. Once again the horrid pink walls of my work space are on display.
Boots - Hush Puppies
Tights - 2 layers, one black, one red and black fishnets (that I bought for a vampire costume a couple of years ago). I felt the need for a detailed shot of these, see below.
Skirt - Jacob
Tunic - Winner's
Sweater - Um, so it's one of my favourites. Zara.
Necklace - Yukon College bookstore

Anyhow, I am super happy that it's the weekend. This Dressember routine is wearing thin, to be honest. We have friends from Vancouver coming up for the weekend and with the forecast predicting that temperatures stay in the -30C/-22F range for the next little while, I am not sure we will be exiting the house.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

#16 out of 31 Dresses

10:05 sunrise
15:47 sunset

-21C for today's photo. I guess my clenched fist is a sign that my fingers were cold?
Shoes - Thrifted in Whitehorse
Dress - Made in Nassau, Bahamas and purchased on etsy (Small Earth Vintage, my fave)
Tunic - Winner's
Sweater - Swapped several years ago. It's still one of my favourite winter cozy pieces.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

#15 out of 31 Dresses

10:04 sunrise
15:47 sunset

Another day for outerwear/innerwear (what is the opposite of outerwear?) shots. These were taken at -19C today. It's hard to stand out there without a coat on in those temperatures!

Parka - My original Yukon Parka - pink outershell, red wool liner. I'm doing a presentation tonight at Heritage After Hours about some of the treasures in the Yukon Archives and I am going to bring up the corporate records of the company that made these coats in the 1980s and 1990s.

I am in such desperate need of a hair cut - blergh. And today's outfit looks better in real life than in this photo which is kinda dark and doesn't show the colours very well. Not sure how to fix that since I am already making an effort to be outside to take photos.
Boots - Pleather, brown and a few years old
Burgundy Tights - Superstore (where else)
Dress - Ann Taylor
Shirt - Thrifted and gifted to me. It is marked 1972 on an inside hem which I adore. I think that's why I like old/vintage clothing. These old clothes are like old records in how they tell us something about the past.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

#14 out of 31 Dresses

10:03 sunrise
15:47 sunset

Today: interviews, preparing for Heritage After Hours tomorrow and ATIPP. No shoes due to the ridiculous blisters on my heels from xc skiing on the weekend. Brought shoes just in case.
Dress - One of my faves, Banana Republic
Tights - Dark purple, from Superstore
Cardigan - RW&Co
Shoes - Nine West

Monday, December 13, 2010

#13 out of 31 Dresses

10:02 sunrise
15:47 sunset

Sun just came up. I'm at home because I had an appointment at the hospital for a CT scan this morning. Have you ever had one? They injected me with some sort of liquid that apparently provides the tech with the ability to see things on the scan better. I could feel it whoosh through me (through my veins I guess) which was pretty weird. Anyhow, it's over.

-20C when this photo was taken. I'm not wearing shoes because I rubbed enormous blisters on my heels when xc skiing on Saturday and I can't put my feet into anything but slippers at the moment.
Skirt - Swapped
Dress - Thrifted and gifted to me
Vest - Thrifted
Hat - Yukon College bookstore (Delux)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

#12 out of 31 Dresses

10:01 sunrise
15:48 sunset

Today, sadly, I was hungover. I didn't even want to drink last night but there I was, wine bottle in hand and not asleep until 2:30am. Ugh. Today I hosted a potluck for the Archives staff which was preceded by a little road hockey. Pretty fun, actually. Although I didn't wear the skirt.

Socks - Smartwool polka dots
Skirt - Swapped
Sweater - Thrifted (lovely soft cashmere, Ralph Lauren)
Hat - College Bookstore (Delux)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

#11 out of 31 Dresses

9:59 sunrise
15:48 sunset

Do I look cold? I am. Underneath today's dress I am sporting a full set of long underwear and knee-high smartwool socks. -14C when this was taken but it's windy out.
On the outside:

Boots - Hush Puppies
Dress - This thing is ancient. I bought it on Young Street in Toronto when I still lived there so at least 1996 (probably older).
Sweater - Zara

Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday 5

While I sort of like my series of Dressember posts, I feel like I want to write something else in the blogosphere today. So I wandered over to to see what they were suggesting. Today's questions were about rain and I just couldn't deal with that (I had enough rain in Vancouver and now, when it's -20C out, I just can't even pretend to be interested in rain) so I went back a couple of weeks to use their "Literal Figurative" topic.

1. Do you prefer to be in the driver’s seat or in the co-pilot’s chair, literally and figuratively?

Probably in the driver's seat for both, although I often prefer to have Ben drive the car. But if Ben's not driving, I'm all over being pilot in command. And why is it that in heterosexual couples it seems like the guy is often the driver? I kinda hate that and yet I perpetuate it sometimes.

2. Do you have a lot of baggage, literally and figuratively?

No and no. Although I did end up with this massive duffel bag from TransRockies which I took on my most recent trip.

3. How much junk have you got in the trunk, literally and figuratively?

I don't think I would call it junk, per se and there's not that much of it.

4. At celebrations where people are drinking, are you more likely to be literally or figuratively drunk as a skunk?

Is it lame to say literally drunk? I mean, how is one figuratively drunk as a skunk anyhow?

5. What’s something you enjoy that’s literally cheesy, and what’s something you enjoy that’s figuratively cheesy?

Oh gawd I adore cheese in pretty much every format possible. I don't think there is such a thing as cheese that I wouldn't enjoy (literally and, to a lesser degree, figuratively). I love a good mac and cheese and I really like Air Supply. Yup. Cheesy.

#10 out of 31 Dresses

9:58 sunrise
15:49 sunset

Look at that - sunrise is now almost past 10am. Gawd mornings are dark these recent days. You get an outside photo, however, because I had a medical appointment in the morning (weird lump in my mouth for those who are curious - and no, we don't know what it is yet) and I came home for lunch.

-18C when this was taken.
Shoes - 4th Avenue store in Vancouver several years ago
Jeans - Reitman's (again)
Dress - covered in the most amazing parrots, thrifted and gifted
Sweater - Anne Taylor also many years old
Necklace - Yukon College bookstore

Thursday, December 9, 2010

#9 out of 31 Dresses

9:57 sunrise
15:49 sunset

This dress is one of my favourites, although I tend to prefer it in the summer when I don't have to add the long-sleeved thermal underneath it.
You get a work shot today - no time to be outdoors.

Dress - Small Earth Vintage (etsy)
Long sleeved t - Elita
Boots - Hush Puppies

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

#8 out of 31 Dresses

9:54 sunrise
15:50 sunset

-9C when these photos were taken. Home for lunch.

Since it was snowing I thought why not do an outwear shot too.

Parka - Patagonia
Hat - Roxy
Mitts - College bookstore
Scarf - Borrowed from Monika
Boots - Baffin Boots

Maxi Dress - It's a strapless summer number that I think I bought at a Fairweather?
Tshirt - Icebreaker wool
Sweater - Zara
Shoes - Clark's

And of course you can't see that I am wearing long underwear under all of this for warmth.