Saturday, January 29, 2011

Japanese Signs

One last post about Japan before I move on.

I took a ton of photographs of the various English language signs around Tokyo. Now, don't get me wrong, I appreciate the fact that there was any sinage that I could read and I am sure that the average joe does a better job of translating from Japanese to English than I do vice versa. Regardless, the results were often humorous. I won't post all of these over on flickr so here's a run down for the blog:

This one was in a shop window in Kamakura. Apparently the store is now selling things to people who are enjoying their life. Good to know.

I didn't know this about the Narita airport. Now I know.

Truth be told, this one's my favourite. It was on the door to the women's bathroom of a restaurant in Kamakura. What is going on with the license place holder?

I would LOVE to teleport to Tokyo, wouldn't you?

If only the aurora made coffee in a can taste this good.

I'm pretty sure I must be missing something with this one. If you can't read it, click to make it larger. It says:

"Are you god?"
"No Way! I'm a Manager!!"

At first I thought this one involved reporting theft. Ooops. On the Tokyo subway.

They aren't kidding. There wasn't any running to get on a train.

Just like Bill Murray said. Suntory Time it's Relaxing Time!

Seriously? Coito?!

In Tokyo the Archives sells overalls.

Again, really? Cafe de Fresh off the Boat?!

Anyhow, Tokyo was a great city and we had a lot of fun. Next time we'll have to go back to explore the country a little bit more widely.

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