Wednesday, April 13, 2011

In my mind I'm goin' to Carolina

6:49 sunrise
21:13 sunset

Holy crap.

I've been shortlisted in the Pisgah Stage Race Blogger Battle.

When I entered this thing I was at home, alone, probably eating one of my fine dinners of cupcakes and wine (life's rough without Ben) and thinking about summer challenges. Somehow that translated into "hey, wouldn't it be great to ride 185 miles with 40,000 ft of elevation gain over a 5 day period in North Carolina?!"

And now it might actually happen. If I win, I get free entry into the Pisgah Mountain Bike Stage Race. In return, I would have to blog about my training and the race itself. The winners won't be announced until May, so there's lots of time to vote and lots of time for me write more convincing blog posts about why you should vote for me. I'm clearly not as talented as some of the other riders (um, note that my blogger profile photo is the only one of the entries that does not feature a bicycle) but I think I'd be pretty damn entertaining on the course.

In proof, I offer you this photo of me, on a bicycle, having a good time.

And no, even if Sierra comes with me for this event, we will not be riding it on a tandem.

So, check out my profile (I love that they called me a "crusher from the Great White North") and throw me a bone!

And, if you're feeling generous, toss another vote in this guy's direction. They are giving away two free entries after all. Team Dicky's blog is pretty hilarious and I almost won some T6 gear from him last year. But best of all, his blog gets a hell of a lot more traffic than mine does and he promoted my bike-wife in the BC Bike Race contest. So while you're at this voting stuff, if you can click just one more time, please vote for her too.


kirsten said...

pleasantly surprised to learn that you only started riding in 2007 - perhaps there's hope for me yet!

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

You have my vote, Jenn--if only because you'll be the best-dressed mountain biker I "know"! :) And I have known a few mountain bikers. I have a friend, Mark Hendershot, who does 24 hour mountain bike races. Craziness!

Good luck to you!

Jennoit said...

Thanks Kirsten and Karen!

BenWa said...

My wife is pressuring me to get an internet presence? I did sorta by getting this alias. Now I surf the interwebs instead of doing my work. Can you fix?