Saturday, April 9, 2011

Last snow ride of the year?

7:00 sunrise
21:06 sunset

Kate and I rode out on the Cantlie Lake Road today. It was surely the last day for snow bikes to be out. The trail was moderately hard when we left (around 11am) but we really should have left sooner for better snow conditions. That said, it was still fun to head down this road which I have only ever travelled on (and then only bit of it) during the summer.

We stopped at around the halfway point to look out at the mountains and then I thought I heard someone's voice. Indeed - three other cyclists (friends of ours) were returning from the lake and from our high perch we could see them coming.

We had grandiose plans of attacking them with a battle cry and snowballs, but the dogs smelled us first and blew our cover.

The day wasn't as gloriously sunny as I had hoped it would be and Kate and I decided that after our botched attempt at ambushing our friends we were all good with returning to the trail head and ending the ride with a cup of tea rather than making it all the way out to Cantlie Lake itself. That can be a destination for next winter. Now - it's time for spring! Melt, melt damn'd snow!


megan said...

I love your jerseys, but I'm baffled by the lack of snow - aren't you supposed to have more than us? We've still got metres of the bloody stuff, I want to ride my new bike!

Jennoit said...

Ours isn't melting fast enough I'd say! However, we only get about 150cm of snow in a year.

Thanks for the jersey love!