Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My dear deer

5:21 sunrise
22:53 sunset

It only took 2.5 months (due to the first shipment getting lost in the mail and then a Canada Post strike) but look what finally arrived in the mail today - my resin deer head!

We still have to paint one more layer of "Carrot Stick" on the wall but then the deer will be mounted above the fireplace.

Isn't it awesome? She might need a name. I'll take suggestions if you've got 'em.


BenWa said...

Well... I'm pretty sure it is a 'he'. I think he's a White Tail, 'cause only male and hermaphrodite White Tail deer have horns, or so the wiki oracle says.

narly said...

His name has to be "John"

"Deer John"