Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cut and Dyed

7:55 sunrise
19:47 sunset

Got my hairs did tonight.

Nothing radical.  A little more blonde and I seem to be letting it grow long enough so that I can put it in a ponytail when I get up in the morning when I go to work.  I tend to shower before bed so that I can (a) sleep in more in the mornings and (b) not have my hair freeze in the winter.  Unfortunately, the result is often total chaos-head.  See this for proof.

I did briefly toy with the idea of cutting it short and dying it red.... when I told my stylist to push for change that's what she came up with.  Sneaky Julie (who kindly came with me to satisfy my desire to hear all about her wedding and honeymoon to Spain) even seemed to be encouraging me.  But I just can't, for whatever reason, commit to having short hair again.  For now we have put off the "big change" for the new year.  Maybe I'll be ready for exotic and wildly different in 2012.

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Erin said...

Cute Hair!!!

{LOVE} it.