Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My newest winter dress

7:24 sunrise
20:28 sunset

While I have been trying to restrain myself from unnecessary purchases, I could not resist this amazing fleur de lis dress from my favourite etsy seller Small Earth Vintage.  Karen's got a great eye for funky vintage dresses and this is the fourth one I have purchased from her.

While it's not wool (that would have made it truly perfect) I figure the 100% polyester double knit will still keep me pretty warm during a Yukon winter.  My question to you, any blog readers, is what colour tights would you pair this with?  There's the obvious black but I'm interested in another option.  Maybe mustard yellow?

I'm hoping it might arrive next week!


Anonymous said...

purple? it goes with mustard and it goes with black so it might go with them both?


Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Hmmmm...this is a difficult one. I am going to say gray, probably a darker shade like charcoal. I like gray and orange together, and gray is a neutral. I think it could work. I also wonder if olive green or a deep wine might work, but I'm not as sure about either of those.

Hope the dress arrives quickly!

kirsten said...

I'm envisioning burgundy.. don't ask why.