Sunday, September 11, 2011

View from the roof

7:17 sunrise
20:37 sunset

My legs are killing me!  No, really - I think something died in there.  I had to lift my legs out of bed this morning and descending stairs is practically impossible.  Who knew that running 20km for the first time since, oh the 2009 Klondike Road Relay, would result in such massive amounts of pain and disability?  (*surely it never occurred to me*)

So my hobbling around kept us close to home today.  It was gorgeous out though - lots of sunshine.  We climbed up on to our roof to enjoy the view (well, and because Ben swept the chimney).  Here's what my neighbourhood looks like from the rooftop.

And one of us perched up there.

I don't want finter to end.  I'm not ready for snow.


Santo Caridine said...

The view from your roof looks nice! I like the color of your roof. Looking at the picture reminds me of how I used to climb our roof when I was still a little kid.

Alejamuel Sultz said...

What a lovely spot and roof! As for that sprint, do a bit of warm-up exercises before any serious physical regimen. That way, you can climb your roof in a breeze, even after a full 20km run!

Kip said...

Do you usually stay up on your roof? I also love the view from there! I can only imagine how wonderful it is to stay there at night! Be careful when you’re up there, okay?

-Kip Whitehead