Monday, November 14, 2011

Electric Bicycle Light Fantastic!

8:59 sunrise
16:30 sunset

My $50 "bicycle bike light lamp" purchased directly from China is working just awesome, thanks.  I even left the battery out in the car overnight and there was still lots of power left to guide me to and from work today.

The best part is that when I came in to work this morning (Tuesday) one of my colleagues asked if that was me on my bike leaving work last night.  She said the light was so bright she thought it was a snowmobile.  Awesome.


Chris said...

You are much hardier than I am...I commute on a folding bike - so when the weather is really bad, I don't have to ride the whole way, or even at all. Roads with that kind of snow on them would certainly have me thinking twice. Do you have studded tires? I slip and slide all over the place when the roads aren't plowed.

Jennoit said...

Not studded tires - fat tires.

See this post:

Nicole said...

I got a great Petzl Light for running at night too. It's prob from China, but I got it at Valhalla. Now I know you dont run anymore, but it's good to know we are both safe in our individual pursuits of greatness..I mean fitness