Monday, December 26, 2011

Day & Dress #26

10:11 sunrise
15:51 sunset

today's high: -8C
tonight's low: -11C

Lazy, lazy boxing day today.  My mom and I went for a walk with the dog and did a few short errands downtown.  That, and we ate leftovers.  It was a big day :)

Boots - Kids Bogs
Skirt - Winner's
Long-sleeved thermal - Icebreaker
Dress - Thrifted for me by maven
Necklace - Made for me by Paula (how cool is this use of a bike chain?!)


Jill, Head Geargal said...

This might be my favorite so far. I love the necklace and the long denim dress shirt thing.

Does Paula sell those necklaces? They're awesome.

The Suburb Experiment said...

I love your profile blurb. It's how I think of myself, too. :)


Jeanne said...


Jennoit said...

Thanks all!

Jill - I don't think Paula sells these but I'll let her know there's a market!

Jill, Head Geargal said...

Yes! I would totally buy one. I love it. I would also buy a denim dress like that one. Guess I'll have to make some time for shopping when I come to Whitehorse.