Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day & Dress #28

10:11 sunrise
15:53 sunset

today's high: -8C
tonight's low: -11C

Back to work.  Blergh.  Another loading bay photo.  Gawd I need a haircut.

Close up in my office so you can see the awesome dress details:

Shoes - 4th Avenue Vancouver ages ago
Tights - Superstore
Dress - Gifted to me by Heather who bought it for herself and then shrank it
Sweater - Ann Taylor


madam0wl, a.k.a Sandra said...

Love that dress. And oh man every time you post from work I get flashbacks from my time working at the university library. I totally loved that job. WhyTF did I not get some sort of library science type degree? Maybe I could open some sort of Clothing Library?

ha ha, sorry to brain dump in your comments

Jennoit said...

Libraries are pretty good places to work! I'm glad to be able to transport you back to a job you loved. And a clothing library - THAT sounds super fun. I like the brain dump, btw, so no apologies needed there.