Monday, January 16, 2012

Dressing for the weather

9:53 sunrise
16:27 sunset

It's been a fairly mild winter so far but that came to an end this weekend.  Yesterday's high was -31C and today's is set to be -36C.  When I left for work this morning it was -40: the temperature at which both Americans and Canadians can agree - it's cold.

When I woke up on Sunday morning, I knew it was cold before I crawled out of bed.  I don't think the furnace turned off once all night and the light peeking through my bedroom blinds had a certain edge to it that is hard to describe.  When I did finally get up, this is what the world looked like:

Beautiful, yes, but all that condensation in the air tells me that furnaces and wood stoves in my neighbourhood were running full tilt.

I am not as nutty as my bike-wife who went out on Sunday.  You can read what it's like to ride a bicycle at -40 on her blog.  I instead chose to sit inside by the fire with the Mr and my in-laws.  But this morning I had to return to work and venture outside for more than five minutes.

I contemplated my -40 work attire carefully.  I usually like to try and look halfway decent while at my place of employment and in cold weather that often means a dress.  It's amazing just how much clothing one can layer underneath this practical women's garment.

I begin with tights, long underwear, and knee-high wool socks on the bottom.


Then it's a tank top, a long-sleeved wool shirt and a sweater dress on top:


And finally, winter dress boots and a chunky wool cardigan sweater as the last of the inside layers.


Top it off with a long down jacket and a second-hand fur hat (yes, I am conflicted about fur but damn it is warm) and you too would survive outside on a Yukon winter's day.


Carola said...

I'm happy we don't have as cold as u! Still we have had -30°C, even -40°C one winter! This winter has so far been really warm and coldest so far is -19°C!! Last winter we had -20°C or colder for weeks! Today it's around -5°C and kind of icerain. No fun! Have a nice day!

kirsten said...

you're much braver than I. This morning, to combat teh -30, I wore longjohns, wool socks, tank top, wool sweater, jeans, fuzzy-lined winter boots, down jacket, scarf, toque, hood and gloves. fashion is a low priority for me when it's cold out :P

Jennoit said...

I actually find this combo warmer than a lot of others. And I hate wearing long undies under my jeans. Feel like a stuffed sausage. Stay warm down there - looks like this spell of winter is around for a bit!

Way Way Up said...

It was down to around -36 here this morning with -43 for a windchill. I spent lots of time yesterday telling myself that we've definitely been spoiled so far this winter and these temperatures are really how its supposed to be.

ladyloo said...

Wow. In all the years I was standing at bus stops in -40 Saskatchewan winters, I never managed to look this good. You have got this down (pun intended)!

madam0wl, a.k.a Sandra said...

This makes me feel like such a baby, whimpering about 40s and 50s F. Great job layering!

Plus, I've been digging on that We are Young single, thanks again for linking to it!