Sunday, December 9, 2012


9:57 sunrise
15:49 sunset

The weather finally changed today.  The bitter cold has passed and, as I type, it is a balmy -12C out there. Woke up to a beautiful sunrise this morning too.

The original plan for today was to do some fat bike portraits for a contest I won last month.  But, because the wind chill was still pretty bad and because we had a lot of new snow fall last night, the photo shoot was cancelled.  I had, however, already donned my long underwear in anticipation of the day so rather than get entirely redressed, I just threw my dress on overtop.  This is the advantage of weekends.

Dress - Still the same one! Vero Moda.
Sweater - Zara
Long undies - Smartwool
Socks - Smartwool
Boots - Neos

Went out for a dog walk with friends later in the day (yes, still wearing the dress - but with a pair of ski pants added to the mix).

Turned out to be a pretty decent day.

For a backgrounder on what this Dressember thing is, check out my opening and explanatory post.  It's just a bit of mid-winter fun that I am documenting on a daily basis.

And, if you are enjoying these daily posts, please consider making a donation to my chosen charity: Right To Play. I've set up a giving page via Canada Helps.  The Right To Play button under my profile will also take you there.

Extra bonus: if you make (or have already made) a donation of $20 or more you have another option.  I'm still going to be wearing this same dress for the next 22 days but you can have a say in what I look like. Within reason (and yes, I get to be the judge of that) you can detail the rest of what I am wearing.  After you donate, you can make a suggestion and hope I have something like that in my closet or you can check my wardrobe remix set on flickr for ideas.  Leave a message on my giving page or post a comment on the blog.  I'm also open to trying my best to interpret creative instructions like "something Elton John would wear." Fair warning: some of those photos are years old and I may not still have the item of clothing in my closet.  But, if I do, and you want me to wear it, I will.

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