Sunday, April 29, 2012

Personality by cookie

5:56 sunrise
21:59 sunset

It was a week of cookie-making at our house.  Paula and Ben baked batches. While both flavours were delicious, the way in which each of the chefs' personalities come through in the cookies' appearance is the best part. Can you guess who made chocolate chip and who made peanut butter? Who threw the batter all over the cookie sheet and who rolled out perfect little balls and then flattened them precisely with a fork?

Cookie style #1
Cookie style #2

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Love letter to my bike

Dear Bea,

Thanks for such a fun ride today.

I was pretty happy with myself for hanging you up last October in such clean condition. Just a little extra lube on your chain, some air in those tires and you were good to go! Now, I think your front brake may need to be bled, but I am not sure. I promise to look into it though and to keep learning more about how to keep you healthy and running well. And if I can't figure it out, I promise to take you to spa icycle for regular checkups.

You've been so good to me over the last two years and I think season three is going to be awesome! I admit it felt a bit strange when I climbed into your saddle today. After many months with El Guapo and a few weeks with Jemima your cockpit seemed too close and I felt so upright while riding. But as soon as we climbed the first long hill on Yukon River Trail (yes, the one where I was so proud to make it around a couple of corners, over a root or two and through some sand) everything seemed right and comfortable again. Riding you, Bea, just feels like home!

I thought I should tell you that - that being with you just feels right. Even when my lungs feel so full up with fire-air from panting so hard and my heart is, without question, trying to leap out through my eyeballs, I still love being with you. You've taken me to some pretty beautiful places here in the Yukon and of course there was that crazy TransRockies adventure we had a couple of years ago in BC and Alberta.

I've always loved summers, but, with you, it's different. It's like BIGCRAZYLOVE waiting to go out with you every April. And then, the first ride of the season finally gets here and it's grin from ear to ear time. It's ooh and aahhh at the crocuses time. It's be-so-thankful-I-can-ride-a-bike-in-this-incredible-place-I-call-home time.
Photo: Paul Gowdie

So what's in store this year, Bea? What do you have in store for me?


Monday, April 16, 2012


6:37 sunrise
21:23 sunset

My ride to work took a mere 15 minutes this morning.  'Tis the season of the skinny bike tires.  My record time on my fat-tired Mukluk was 17 minutes and more commonly it would take me close to  half an hour.

It's spring, which is great, but there are still patches snow on the ground and most nights are still dipping below freezing.  I enjoyed a couple of epically beautiful fat bike rides over the last couple of weeks but when we tried to go one for one last ride at Fish Lake this past Sunday, the best we could do was push our bikes out on some slushy snow, light a fire, roast weenies and wear bikinis.  Could be worse.  Thanks to Sierra for the awesome photo.

The next few weeks will bring:
- even more light: manic season is upon us!
- a weekend of debauchery in Skagway to celebrate a friend's impending nuptials
- a greenhouse in our backyard
- a good friend coming to visit and possibly move to Whitehorse
- a weekend in Victoria visiting more friends and new babies

I'm looking forward to it all.