Friday, December 20, 2013

The yoga diaries - all 30 days

So, for 6 weeks, I did yoga 5 days/week.  I missed the first three classes, but attended every Monday to Friday after that.  Here are my one sentence summaries of each of those days.  For me, the jury is still out.  I feel better but I am not in love with the whole process.  I feel stronger and more flexible in places I wasn't expecting but my hips/glutes are still pretty tight.  I will continue, but not at this level of frequency.

~~    That wasn't too bad - Hips so sore! - Longer poses are different hard - Balance poses are easier for
me - Everything felt awful and stiff - I'm not feeling fully comfortable or relaxed in shavasana - Getting up was hard this morning, but I enjoyed today's practice - I felt stronger and more flexible today - Outer
thigh, hips, shoulders are again so sore - I was able to touch my heels in camel pose! - I feel bendier in
the evenings -Why are the warrior poses so hard on my thighs? - Kinda meh - Headstand attempts - Feathered Peacock - Although I am tired, today's class felt good - Heron pose/happy baby/side angle...these are all hard and uncomfortable and somewhat confusing to me in terms of form, intended stretches, etc. - Hurt my neck -ouch! - Limited movement - I feel like shavasana was successful -
More together today - I like doing poses that involve moving and standing on one leg - I felt strong in chaturanga - A lunar shit show - The last 4 days have been pretty good - There have been improvements
in half-monkey (half splits) pose! - Headache today but all moves stronger.    ~~

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RETA said...

You are amazing to give it this kind of try. You've done an awful lot of yoga recently! Well-done!