Monday, July 29, 2013

Learning to run (again)

5:29 sunrise
22:44 sunset

I've never been any good at running and I don't very often enjoy it but, every once in awhile, I decide to take up the challenge.  It's been two years since I did any consistent running jogging but I have to get back at it if I am going to make it though my 6th Klondike Road Relay in six weeks. 

Out for a run with Pandora

I'm committing to a 3x per week schedule until the event on September 7th and, so far, pretty much every run feels awful.  If any of you are part-time joggers like I am, you know what I mean.  My breathing feels laboured, my steps are sluggish and every bit of skin/fat on my body is bouncing around like a rubber ball ricocheting off the walls in a squash court.  Ouch. 

At least I've got the princess leg this year - 12.5km of slightly downhill chipseal.  This leg crosses the US-Canada border so that might be interesting.  Somehow in the back of my mind I always figured I would "save" this leg for a year I really needed it.  Maybe one year I would be pregnant or perhaps I'd need an easy leg after participating in some other crazy hard event only a week before.  But no, I'm getting off easy with no good excuse.  

The fastest female finisher ever completed this leg in just under 48 minutes.  I don't know if I can save myself from embarrassment with a mere 6 weeks to prepare but I'll be thrilled if I can complete the distance in less than an hour 10 minutes.  There.  See that?  See what I just did?   That sounds like a challenge to me.